Planning an Exotic Elopement

The Definitive Guide to Arranging an Exotic Elopement

Elopements, destination weddings, and private in-home ceremonies are becoming more popular as the idea of a typical wedding changes. And while options like getting married in a courtroom, eloping at home, or getting married in a far-off ideal location are undoubtedly options, another option is gaining popularity among individuals who enjoy the outdoors.

Couples have a special opportunity to celebrate their marriage amidst nature by organizing an adventure elopement. According to Erika Hernandez, proprietor of The Greatest Adventure Weddings, “many of our couples tell us they desire an adventure elopement because they feel most spiritually connected outdoors.” “The options for an adventurous elopement are virtually limitless. An adventure elopement can take place anywhere your imagination takes you, from mountains to waterfalls, to beaches, caves, and glaciers, to even helicopter rides and jeep trips!

An adventure elopement can be ideal if you’re eager to discover where your sense of adventure leads you on your special day. Make sure you organize everything, so nothing goes wrong on the big day. The ultimate guide on organizing an adventurous elopement is provided here.

Can You Have an Adventure Elopement?

Everyone is not a fan of large, conventional weddings, and there is no harm in going another way. For people who appreciate exploring the great outdoors, those who are passionate about traveling, and couples who love finding new areas, choosing to have an adventurous elopement is a fantastic alternative. It’s all about having a good time.

Hernandez believes that “couples elope for a variety of reasons.” Money problems or challenging family dynamics may be the blame. The couple might want to prioritize their relationship, not have the time to prepare for a large wedding, or want to spend the day doing something they both enjoy!

Are Wedding Planners Necessary for Adventure Elopements?

Arranging an adventure elopement involves several elements, just like planning any wedding. Even if the marriage is smaller, Hernandez notes that there are still many of the same logistics to arrange. Planning a destination adventure elopement may sometimes take even more work.

The options for an adventurous elopement seem unlimited, but a planner may help you focus your ideas and be practical about the details. Hernandez continues, “It’s helpful to have a planner that is either a professional trip planner or knows the area well.

The best times of year to elope in that place, as well as any other suggestions for gear or geographical details, maybe something to keep in mind. This includes any car rental needs for the area, especially if high clearance is required. “A planner can help you choose accommodations in the proper area and close to the amenities that are suitable to your needs,” adds Hernandez. “A planner can help you get the right permits for your location, can help you get your marriage license, and can help you receive your marriage license.”

Running tasks like purchasing a modest cake and flowers or locating lodging in an unfamiliar area is significantly more difficult. Overall, having a planner who is familiar with the locale and is familiar with the adventure elopement concept may be immensely helpful.

Selecting a Location

It’s possible that picking the place for your adventurous elopement is the most crucial step. After all, that is often the reason you decided to exchange vows outside in the first place. Hernandez advises first considering sites that have special significance for you and your partner. A good place to start might be where you went on your first date, went on a trip, or have always talked about going.

Next, consider the surroundings. Do you envision a backdrop of the mountains, the desert, or the coast? Or maybe you’re looking for a wedding in or close to a specific city? Hernandez also advises considering how hard you want to work to get there. Is accessibility the first concern, she asks, or do you want to put in a little further effort for the views and seclusion? Of course, your decision-making will also be influenced by whether or not you wish to include activities like hiking or kayaking in the day.

In the end, decide on the most romantic spot that you and your lover will like, then work backward to make sure you can arrange an elopement there.

What to Pack (and Not Pack) For the Situation

Keep décor to a minimum because you’ll likely exchange vows in a public area or on public property. Additionally, you can prepare to allow the natural beauty of the setting speaks for itself. You must have a good reason for picking a beautiful location, don’t you?

Hernandez explains, “We adore decorating a picnic with flowers. “With small tables, pastries or pies, champagne, and candles, we hiked in.” Think about how much you’re willing (and permitted) to bring with you, and make sure to pack everything you bring with you out. By abiding by the “leave no trace” guidelines, you can make sure you’re not ruining the picturesque setting you’ve picked for your ceremony.

If you decide to have a ceremony with little décor, a small dinner or celebration at a local resort or Airbnb can be the perfect fit. Don’t forget to acquire permission before inviting extra visitors around.

Is a Photographer Necessary for an Adventure Elopement?

Finding the ideal photographer to hire may seem more difficult, especially if you intend to say “I do” at a remote location or after hiking to a site. But looking for the right photographer to meet your big-day expectations will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Spend the cash on a photographer you adore, Hernandez exhorts. “Since you’re not feeding 200 people, your budget probably has more flex room. In addition to preserving these photos forever (like all wedding photos), they will also allow you to share the occasion with those who couldn’t attend.

Find a photographer familiar with your goals and style, and ensure they are at ease with it. They must be able to reach the area and operate within its potential limitations, after all.

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