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A wedding video is a term for the final product of the videographer's documentation.

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Pre-wedding portrait photography, such as a pre-wedding engagement session, portraits photography of the couple before the official wedding day.

Wedding Photography

A wedding photographer's portfolio includes a wide range of products. There is no standard for what a wedding coverage or package should include.

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Wedding Guest Welcome Ideas

Wedding Guest Welcome Ideas

Extraordinary Welcome Ideas for Wedding Guests There may seem to be a lot going on when the countdown is over and your wedding day is finally here. It would help if you weren’t sidetracked by the idea of having to greet every one of your guests as you get ready, do your hair and makeup, […]

Sikh wedding customs to know

Sikh wedding customs to know

Sikh Wedding Customs You Should Be Aware Of Due to similarities in various cultural activities, Sikh wedding rituals are frequently mistaken for Hindu and Muslim wedding customs. Many components of a Sikh wedding emphasize interpersonal interactions between family members and the newlyweds, reflecting eventually on what is important in life. This celebration acknowledges both heritage […]

Wedding Officiant Selection

Wedding Officiant Selection

Finding and Selecting Your Wedding Officiant A wedding officiant is a crucial component. They will direct the ceremony, including the vows you make, and also set the tone for your union. For your wedding to be legally binding, your officiant must ensure that all the necessary checks are made. Therefore, hiring a good one is […]